Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: A Review!

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: A Review!

Many people know Gillian Flynn by her other blockbuster novel-gone-movie Gone Girl, which took the world by storm. I’ll admit, I only came to learn of Sharp Objects through reading Gone Girl first. But one day earlier this year, I decided to give her debut novel a go, and boy am I glad that I did. Now that there’s a series premiering on HBO, I decided that I’d check out the book!

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I’ve been wanting to review this book for a while now.

Every time that I remember when the book first graced my hands, and the consequent night that I stayed up all night reading the book, her story made me realise that it held a special kind of darkness – unrestrained and raw. While Gone Girl is polished and subtle, Sharp Objects grabs you by the hair and demands that you pay it attention.

We follow the grisly tale through the eyes of Camille Preaker

A journalist based in Chicago returning to Wind Gap, Missouri, her hometown. Sent back to Wind Gap to cover a story of cold murder of a local girl, Camille is thrust back into the whirlwind of drama that occurs in her hometown.  In fiction — particularly in thrillers, characters are normal, day-to-day people who have the weirdness and danger of the environment thrust upon them. The thrill comes from the character navigating the strange and unruly tides.

This isn’t the case in Sharp Objects.

Camille has a history of self-harm, and throughout the novel there is a delicate balance of her constantly teetering on the edge. Themes of substance abuse and smothering family members are woven beautifully throughout the narrative. It’s not all doom and gloom though. When I read Sharp Objects I loved the tension between the constantly near-broken Camille and the false joviality of Wind Gap, and her navigating the past to get to the bottom of the Wind Gap murders. Honestly, Sharp Objects  was such a dark pleasure to read, and chilling to the bone.

You can purchase Sharp Objects through Fika as well – you’ll be able to bring Camille’s chilling journey to the comfort of your home.


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